Latinx artist born and raised in Southern California. Inspired by powerful women, beautiful flowers and Mexican culture. I have been drawing since I was a kid, always doodling in class, always drawing anywhere I could. I have always been a big fan of Mexican muralism and street art. Inspirations of mine are, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and street artists like Miss Van, Mr. Baby, and Shephard Fairey. 

I studied History at the University of California, Riverside and met an art professor/artist that would eventually help to get me on my journey. He encouraged me to keep making art and to intern at a modern contemporary art gallery. After college I did just that and worked at CAOG in Downton Los Angeles. That experience help expand my interest and understanding of the contemporary art world.   

Finally, after years of making art solely for me, I am happy to announce that I'm finally sharing my art and love with you all! Hope you enjoy and thank you for your support. My best, SKINIJEANS.